Business Opportunity


Kano state is the second most industrialized state in Nigeria and indeed it is the home of commerce not just in Nigeria, but also within Sub – Sahara Africa. All the banks in Nigeria have strong presence in Kano and also large organizations and multi – nationals also have branches in Kano state. The Agricultural sector (especially groundnut and cotton production), the service industry, commerce and trade are the major sources of revenue for the state government.

Kano state happens to be the major producer of hides and skin, cotton, chili pepper, garlic and gum Arabic. Kano state is also notable for the production and sale of crafts, gold, Arabic jewelry, footwear, plastics, cosmetics, ceramic, diary products, vegetable oil, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

If you are an investor looking for business in Kano, then you will find the following business opportunities helpful.

1. Gold and Jewelry Merchant

Kano state is one of the biggest markets pf gold and jewelry in West Africa. If you are interested in becoming a gold merchant, then Kano will be your best location. You can establish your gold and Arabic jewelry business in Kano and then establish network all around Nigeria and neighboring countries. Gold business is indeed a profitable business to setup in Kano.

2. Vegetable Oil Production Company

Kano state is one of the largest producers and exporters of groundnut; in the West Africa. Groundnut is the major raw material for the production of vegetable oil. you can  starting your own vegetable oil production company. It is cost effective to setup this type of business in Kano and you stand the chance of making a fortune from this business if you are hard working.

3. Plastic Manufacturing Company

Plastic manufacturing business is one of the businesses that an investor can start in Kano. Although, you will face some form of competition in Kano, but if you have a good marketing strategy, you will get a good share of the existing market in Kano and beyond.

4. Footwear Manufacturing Company

Footwear manufacturing business is another viable and profitable business that an entrepreneur can start in Kano. Although, there are several small scale business owners who are into footwear manufacturing, but the market for footwear is still open for more investors to come in since the sale of your footwear won’t be restricted to Kano state. As a matter of fact, you will make more profits from this business if you have good marketing strategies.

5. Ceramic Production Company

Another profitable business that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Kano is a ceramic production. But this type of business requires a lot of Energy and capital to startup and you will definitely get good returns on your investment.

6. Fast Food Business

If you are interested in the food industry, then you should consider establishing your own fast food business in Kano. Kano the state capital is an ideal location to open your fast food company. One good thing about fast food business is that you can start with a location and if you are well accepted, you can open multiple outlets in different part of the state.

7. Wholesale Pharmaceutical Business

In the whole of the Northern part of Nigeria, Kano state happens to be the destination where pharmacy store owners purchase their drugs from. If you are interested in the pharmaceutical industry, then you can consider going into wholesale pharmaceutical business in Kano and you will have customers from all around the Northern part of the country patronizing you.

8. Gum Production Company

Gum production business is yet another highly profitable business an entrepreneur can successful start in Kano. Kano state is the largest producer of gum Arabic which is the raw material for gum. The market for gum is wide, there are loads of cottage companies that make use of gum on a daily basis and you can become their major supplier. Shoes and Bags making companies and Printing press should be your target market too.

9. Printing Press

If you are looking for a business that is highly profitable to start in Kano, then you should consider opening your own printing press. The truth is that once your printing press is well located, you won’t struggle to attract clients. But you must work hard not to disappoint your customers if you want to make it big with this type of business.